Spa Like A Mermaid

I've got an obsession with mermaids. Maybe it started with The Little Mermaid herself, Ariel, or maybe it started when I ate a little too much sushi one day-  I don't know. The point is, the obsession is real and it's in full force right now.

It seems a bit odd, but much of this obsession actually began in Iceland. The water used in the shower was heated with geothermal energy as much of it came from under the volcanoes on the island. It smelled a little like sulfur, but it was worth it when I noticed that my skin and hair was noticeably more radiant after just one shower. That's when it all clicked: Nature was the key to beauty.

The Blue Lagoon Spa played a small role in this realization also as it also uses geothermal energy and is essentially just a large hot tub in a lava field. The water in this Lagoon is rich with minerals such as silica and is said to be "healing." One of the coolest parts about this oversized magic hot tub was the little wooden boxes of "silica mud mask" placed throughout the lagoon. This special white geothermal mud  deep cleanses and exfoliates while naturally strengthening skin. I can say that after this spa experience I felt rejuvenated, calm and beautiful with blemish-free skin.

While there is no Blue Lagoon within driving distance of me, it hasn't stopped me of creating a little spa of my own- Mermaid Style.

Here's what I use (and what you need!!)  if I'm feeling the need to be 'Part of That World.'

Sea Mineral Moisture Shampoo & Conditioner by Organix.  I found these miracle hair products at Wegmans, but Organix is usually sold pretty much everywhere. The bottle claims that this 'quenching' shampoo/conditioner combo hydrates hair with sea minerals, heals split ends with algae and repairs with sea kelp. Both bottles are a wee bit on the pricey side at $10.95 a bottle, but my hair felt hydrated, nourished and even a little bit shinier after just one wash. Plus, it's sulfate-free which is a lot better for your hair and makes it softer, healthier and cleaner.* Bonus: it smells like the seashore!

Freeman Dead Sea Minerals Anti-Stress Facial Mask. This is my favorite facial mask out of the entire Freeman mask line. This cooling paradise blue colored mask uses dead sea minerals and sea salts to purge pores while relaxing your mind all at the same time. My skin feels smoother and replenished after every use and it's pretty cheap! I got my bottle for $3.99 at Ulta. 

Victoria's Secret Ocean Bloom Sheen Sheer Lotion. This is one of my favorite Victoria's Secret lotions because it goes on very light and doesn't take as much time to rub in as the body butters do. The scent is also much lighter and not as potent as some of the other scents Victoria's Secret has. It smells like clean, light sea breeze air- without all the salt and boardwalk fries. I like to put this on right after I shower to further hydrate and moisturize my skin. If you're just buying the bottle it will cost you $14.00, but Victoria's Secret usually has a good deal or two on their lotions where you can get 5 for $25.  

Ultimate Spa Dead Sea Mineral Face Cleanser. If you don't have time for a full facial, this cleanser can do the trick. This lotion cools and clears your pores just by rubbing it in. It actually reminds me a lot of the silica mud masks from the Blue Lagoon Spa that I mentioned earlier (which you can also purchase at the Blue Lagoon Spa website, but it will cost you a pretty penny or two.) However, this cleanser is a lot lighter, a lot less work and most importantly, a lot cheaper. I got mine for $3.99 at TJ Maxx. 

 A Mermaid's Kiss Sparkling Salt Body Scrub. This pink salt scrub will not only exfoliate your skin, but make you smell good! The natural plant oils and raw sugar leave your skin silky smooth and bonus- it gives a hint of a sparkly finish. This was a stocking stuffer, but a little friend of Santa told me that you can purchase this sparkle scrub at Urban Outfitters for $24.00.

Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray. This is my favorite sea salt wave spray because it leaves behind natural, beachy waves and you can get it in a small travel-sized bottle that can fit in your purse. However, it is a little expensive (ranging from $15 to $25 at Sephora) if you're not committed to the wind swept beach hair look. Rumor has it there is some pretty great recipes on Pinterest to create the same effect for much cheaper. 

Victoria's Secret Nail Lacquer in 'Steal the Show.' Every good spa day must include a mani-pedi. This sand-colored nail lacquer - what is a lacquer anyway? can't we just call it polish? - leaves a pink-gold shimmer on nails that is subtle yet dazzling. I like it a lot for days when gold just feels like a little too much and day when glitter always makes my nails look like a 6-year-old who just got done with her arts and crafts. Beware though: this nail lacquer is extremely hard to get off. I still have not succeeded, so I just painted a new coat over the top. Sorry not sorry. Pick up a bottle for $10 at Victoria's Secret.

Special note: if you're looking for a mermaid-worthy lip balm/gloss that will hydrate your lips and give them a natural glow check out Victoria's Secret beauty rush glossy lip butter in Dare to Bare. It saved a life last Saturday. 

And of course, what better way to end your spa day then with some delicious food? My favorite way to wrap up my mermaid spa days are with some sushi and edamame with a little bit of sea salt. However, if you're not into sushi another one of my favorite foods is a classic bagel and lox. I like mine simple on a whole grain or plain bagel with some cream cheese and smoked nova trim (which you can find in may grocery stores, including Walmart, for around $6.) Einstein's Bagels likes to serve it with red onions and capers and a local food joint in my college town likes to serve it with extra lox and extra red onions. In Iceland, they eat it like a sandwich with lettuce, tomato, and mustard which was a little different for me, but I was still into it.

So there you have it all my tips and tricks to feeling like a mermaid without actually having to go in the ocean. Or having a fin. Because if you had a fin how would you walk in your new Steve Maddens?

Xo. Namaste. Fish Kisses.


* Read why sulfate-free is important Here

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