We All Become Britney When We Go Out.

Yay it's Friday!! And you've had a long week full of work, and stress, and watching people post all over Facebook about their work and their stress. So you're gonna relax tonight and finish that book you've been reading, make some yummy vegetable pasta and get to bed early to catch up on some sleep. 

But then, your friends ask you if you wanna "go out for a drink or two," and you're like, "Sure."

So your and your #gurlfrandz all get ready to go out to your favorite bar.

After you get in (and they didn't even have to check your ID because they know you), you go straight to your favorite table, passing all of the lost peasants in your way. 

You get your first drink and someone tries to talk about school or work or children or cats.

Then someone announces it's their birthday, and you're just like... 

Then someone offers to buy you a drink, and you're like: 

But it turns out it's a shot of Whiskey so you're like: 

Then some old creepy man tries to buy you a drink and you're like:

Then you and your friend get a good laugh out of it, because you still got *IT* 

You're feelin' tipsy so you decide to get a little social.

Then you decide that words aren't fully getting your point across:

A few drinks later, when someone else announces it's their birthday:

And your favorite song EVER comes on: 


You just gotta dance:

And you drag your friends on the floor to dance with you.

Then you see a most beautiful   decent looking guy walk in.

And obviously you're like: 

So you try to impress him with all of your hawt moves.

But then you see him grinding on someone else.


Better just stick to dancin' w/ ur #gurlfrandz instead.

Then you realize how ridiculous you look while dancing, and you know in your heart it's time to stop. 

Then some else announces it's their birthday and you're like:

And that it's their OMG 21st!!!!

It's getting a little late, and your friend is making out with someone so you're just hanging out alone like: 

Because let's all be real with how this night's gonna end: 


You decide you are so totally over this place and it's time to go.

You immediately call up your favorite late-night local pizza place. 

And you wait. 

And wait. 


And you wait some more. 


And finally they knock on the door, and instead of actually answering you're just like: 


So you eat your pizza. 

Then you decide it's time for bed. Bye. 

And the next day when people ask you how your night ended up: 

And the process starts all over again. 


p.s. did I mention I miss college?

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