Spring Breaaak 4evrrrr

I've never been more excited for Spring Break than I am this year. Not because I'm going to PCB, or Aruba, or anywhere even remotely cool- but because I'm super excited about my personal plans. (See Below)

Spring Breaaak 4evrrrr

Spring Break Bucket List:

- explore Pittsburgh
- find some really cool food/cafes in Pittsburgh
- order my wishlist from Lush/Sephora
- read Divergent
- walk dogs at the local animal shelter for a day
- order sushi from Kim Moon
- read Chelsea Handler's new book
- go for a hike
- finally watch Gravity, Dallas Buyers Club and 12 Years a Slave
- begin (and end?) Desperate Housewives
- take a yoga class
- find my namaste
- make a blueberry breakfast quesadilla

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