Kollege: As Told By the Kardashians


It's a whole new world for you to explore out there. New town, new you, am I right? Making new friends is going to be fun!!! 

ALL YOU CAN EAT at the dining hall. But wait, this food kind of sucks. 

You meet your first  #KOLLEGE KRUSH* at the weird sketchy frat behind Taco Bell. 
He even asked for your number. 

And okay, you might have gained the Freshman 15. 

But everyone wants to know about your #college experience anyway. 


You get to reunite with all of your friends yayyy!

And you're not a freshman anymore.

You're beginning to really discover yourself. Your dreams, your passions... Hard work is beginning to pay off! 

You're super enthusiastic about pretty much everything. 

You start to dig into more dreams and passions. 

You're very philosophical about life. 


Classes start getting harder. With more work. And attendance is mandatory. 

You realize you need to actually think about your career.

Someone's messing with your crush, and you're not about being calm and #kewl anymore.

But seriously, don't like his Tweet. 

You've had ENOUGH of being nice to people, you've already made your bffs.

You're too cool for frats. House parties are okay. But you'd rather just hang out with your bffs. and watch Bridesmaids. 

Because you're pretty much done with running into people you don't wanna see. 

Then you realize you're going to be a SENIOR, and should probably get your act together. 


You're already sick of Freshman girls. 

And you realize you forgot one of your gen-eds. So you're in a class with all Freshman. 

Let's face it, classes are pointless. You at least showed up, so you're obviously gonna pass.

You pretend to be grown up and ~mature~ for at least 20 minutes. 

But who are you kidding, that's what senior year is all about. 

You're OVER people being clueless. You're OVER people telling you which bar is cooler. You're OVER seeing people getting the chicken in the dining hall. 

You're actually just pretty much over everything. 

And pretty much over everyone. 

People begin asking you what your future plans are. 

Some even suggest Grad school. 

You find out some people already have jobs lined up. 

And on graduation day, just as you're about to enter into the REAL WORLD:

But it don't matter cause you're graduating, BYEEEE. 

Yay college. Xo. 

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