The Things They Don't Tell You About Graduation

1. You will have two wardrobes. One for work, one for play. Unfortunately, one's more expensive than the other and usually requires ironing and some sort of actual care. Also, one's a lot less boring and you won't want to spend any money on it, but unfortunately, you have to.

2. You need to use your money on real things. Want that Kate Spade bangle? Nope. Want that new sundress from Free People? Nope. Want those new Steve Madden sandals? Hahahaha no. You gotta get kitchen utensils, new sheets and gas. Oh. 

3. School is still a priority. Yeah, we know that you'd rather be at the bar with your friends. Or yeah, we know that you're busy looking at a place to live for the next few months. Looking at a job? Nah, we won't give you time to apply... here's four group projects, and three 14-page papers instead. bye. 

4. You'll have a love/hate relationship with leaving.. on a daily basis. You'll be crying with your friends about how much you will miss the local sandwich joint.. then two minutes later you'll be cursing out the Freshmen in mini skirts who still can't figure out how to properly walk on the sidewalks after a night out. (It's been 9 months guys, come. on.) 

5. Naps? Nah. Sleep? Forget about it. You don't have time for that. It's your last days, so you have to fill them with as many activities as possible... even if you need to take 2 or more five hour energies just to stay awake for class. 

6.  That being said, everyone and anyone will use the "last few weeks" line with you. You will be persuaded into bar trips, lunch buffets and day drinking shenanigans that you definitely didn't plan on when you set aside that two hours to "do your homework." 

7.  You will gain weight. Congrats, you've made it past 21! Now your metabolism will slow down right at the time you're trying to indulge in $1.50 beers and $1.00 cheese fries. Your body gives no fuxx. 

8. Spend time with the people that matter most. Do skip a class if it means getting a meal with your best friends. Do stay out a little later even though you promised a midnight curfew. Do take every invitation and opportunity and adventure that gets suggested, even if you don't want to at first. Don't worry too much about money. There's always a quarter or two lying under the couch when you least expect it. Don't let little things bother you. This is your time in the sun. Who cares if some girl gave you a weird look. Don't think twice. About anything. You want to do it? Do it. You want some pizza? Order it. You'd rather lay in bed a little longer than actually do something with your day? Do just that. 

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