City Chic.. and Some Pittsburgh Love

This past weekend I got my first real taste of what it would be like to live in the big, bad city of Pittsburgh this summer. And it was awesome. Lately all I can seem to do is daydream about living and working in the city. In fact, I've already dreamed up outfits for my weekend outings to the Penn Ave. Fish Market for some of the world's BEST smoked salmon. P.S. I'm totally not exaggerating when I say best. It's actually the best. 

Speaking of really, really good food on Penn Ave. just a few steps away is Pho Van, which has some of the best pho ever. Again, I'm totally not exaggerating. It was just the cure for a cloudy/cold day, with a cough/cold lingering around. The fried shrimp rolls were to die for as well. Thumbs up to you, vietnamese food.

All in all, shout out to Pittsburgh for all of this amazing food, and that was only from one day. Definitely can't wait to explore some more. Fingers crossed to this new internship and a new life in one of the world's best and coolest cities.

city chic

City Chic

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