Winter-Wear Vibes

Whenever winter comes around I always want to wear the same thing everyday: hoodie. leggings. Ugg boots (not safe in the snow but…) and a face to match my hatred for the cold. 
Though it's not new years eve yet, I've decided to start my resolution a little early:  Dress chic. Even in winter. Lately I've been gravitating towards a lot of black accessories, a lot of red lips and a little bit of leopard print. I also have a long-sleeved maxi dress, a duster cardigan and a pair of Steve Madden ankle boots on my Christmas list this year that I can't wait to start wearing basically, like, every day. 

Another resolution I'm starting a little early is the commitment to making at least one day a week a "me" day. A that is full of food, coffee, books, Netflix, journaling, tumbling… whatever I want. I plan for this day to also be full of comfy oversized sweaters, cute socks and an all-day top knot. 

Take a look at a few of my dream outfits for this winter and hopefully they will inspire some of yours:


Thursdaze by alainalynnn featuring By Terry

Chic. Bye. 

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