Book Review: Dirty Rush

Taylor Bell is one bad ass girl. I spent most of the time reading this book trying to decide if this girl was actually real, then not really giving a shit, then praying to the Gucci-Gods that she was, in fact, a real person. Side note: I still have no idea if she's real. Asking for a friend.

I've never been in a sorority. I've never had a desire to be in one. I've never yearned for letters on my shirt or the insane "structure" of having to be at a certain place at a certain time pretty much all the time. (I like my naps.) I do, however, have plenty of really close friends who are/were in sororities and absolutely loved it. And since I respected them, I reluctantly also respected the sorority culture- all personal feelings aside. It's not that I deeply had anything against sororities, I just didn't get them. Dirty Rush   was the insight I needed into that world (even if I've left that college world already).

A quick and fluffy read about the story of a girl's freshman year, her crush on a frat boy and her journey of a decision to join a sorority turns into a hellish nightmare that even gave me (a non-sorority sista) anxiety. Taylor Bell is a lucky bitch who gets an immediate bid for an elite sorority, gets a hot boyfriend and has a perfect tit-to-waist ratio all within her first semester of college. But before you can get too jealous (and silently comparing your dining hall days and awkwardness of your own freshman year) Taylor's life gets shaken up like a Margarita on the rocks when a sex tape comes out with a girl who looks suspiciously like her. Quick shout-out to the sleazy Total Frat Move for making her an internet celebrity overnight, Taylor had the whole school requesting to be her friends on every form of social media-- and the sorority full of her newfound besties asking her to resign.

Taylor, being the badass heroine that she is, clears the shit out of her name in 20 pages flat. Without ruining too much of the book (and I probably did already- sorry, but the book is short as hell) she has the courage to stick up the the ~haterz~, walk away from the fuckbois and essentially "Shake It Off" in a way that would make even Taylor Swift jealous. (As if any one could actually do that).

Truth is, about 90% of the book is Taylor's detailed recollection of Adderall and Redbull, Adderall and water, and Adderall just in general. About 10% of the book contains the actual plot (the fact that she'd been framed in a sex tape). But I didn't mind. It's a great read for the beach, a train ride or if you're all I-don't-want-to-deal-with-anyone-gonna-bury-myself-in-a-book-for-3-hours type of mood. Sidenote: Totally into those moods. Totally support them. Totally chic.

Whether Taylor is real or not, one of the coolest parts of the book was the foreword written by Rebecca Martinson. You know, the girl who became virally famous for writing a less-than-classy email to her sorority a few years ago. If you don't remember this scandal, you're probably to young for this book bro. If you need a refresher I've provided a link:

Have fun reliving the "deranged sorority girl" memz. I know I did.

Bye xo

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