Destination One: New Orleans

First things first, I wanted to have a travel portion of my blog simply because there are so many places I want to go/return to. I wanted to be able to share my experiences and favorite parts of my favorite places, as well as virtually explore places I've been dreaming of seeing and what I would do if I ended up there.

The first destination I chose was a place that I've always felt a strange pull to-  New Orleans, Louisiana.   One of my favorite parts of Disneyland is New Orleans Square/ Blue Bayou restaurant. I would go to New Orleans primarily for the cuisine, but there are so many other elements of New Orleans I would like to see as well. Here's my top 10 to-do if I ever find myself in New Orleans.

1. Audubon Nature Institute - Not only does this zoo/aquarium have a cool water park inside, but it also offers behind-the-scenes tours where you can get up close and personal with  penguins and giraffes.

2. Hear Some Live Jazz

3. Try Authentic Gumbo

4. Find a Psychic/Voodoo Magic

5. Get a Beignet

6. Go Vintage Shopping

7. Go to a Pirate Museum 

8. See the French Quarter

9. Take a Boat Ride on the River

10. Bourbon Street. 

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