21 Tuesday Senior Year Playlist.

This year is a very special one. Not just because it is officially my last year of school ever, but it also the year that all of my best friends join the 21 club and I can finally drink with actual friends at the bars instead of people I meet in line on my way in. This is also the year my friends (hopefully) will trade in drinking underage classics such as Smirnoff and Burnetts and buy the first top shelf thing they see in the liquor store, which is a celebration in itself.

So here is my top 21 for 21's in their senior year. Party on.

  1. Million Dollar Bills - Lorde
  2. Crazy Kids - Ke$ha 
  3. Birthday - Selena Gomez
  4. Live For the Night - Krewella
  5. Crave You - Fight Facilities 
  6. All You - The Cataracs
  7. Wagon Wheel - TimeFlies
  8. Midnite Life - White Panda
  9. All the Small Things - Blink 182
  10. Gold Trans Am - Ke$ha 
  11. Girls of Summer - Yonas
  12. Love Is Overrated - Shwayze 
  13. Julian - Say Lou Lou 
  14. Cruise - Florida Georgia Line ft. Nelly
  15. Drinking From the Bottle - Calvin Harris
  16. Butterfly - Crazytown
  17. Big Bank Dank - Olu 
  18. Call Your Girlfriend - Robyn 
  19. Clarity - Zed 
  20. Bass Down Low - Dev
  21. Levels - Aviici 

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