The Tao of Ke$ha.

Long story short, Ke$ha is the queen of my universe. Ever since Tik Tok it was like something about her and I just clicked and a love affair began. It was like discovering pizza or making eye contact with your crush for the first time- it all just sparked. Something about her just got IT, whether it be sticking out her tongue on the red carpet or publicly exclaiming her love for beer or prancing around in combat boots with an American flag. There is a certain vibe that Ke$ha has that quite frankly no one else can hold a candle to.

Throughout my fandom I've read many articles about Ke$ha that made me admire her more. It disappoints me that many people just see her as an auto-tuned sparkly party girl with dirty hair when she actually has the IQ of a genius- she just wanted to make music. And along with that, she didn't want to make just any music, she wanted to make music that people could have a really great time to- something that many other stars push aside in an attempt to prove that they are lyrically talented and deep. While her fashion sense may have been a little off in the beginning (see: trash bag dress 2010) she has truly blossomed into the long (very clean) haired platinum blonde beauty that she is today. She was in her early 20's- she was enjoying life the only way we know how at this age.. cheap beer and working with what we got and having a great time doing it.

Last Saturday I was lucky enough to see her for a fourth time in concert for her "Warrior" tour and at the risk of sounding like I've completely lost it- the entire experience left me in tears of joy. For the songs that she was painfully obviously lip-syncing she made up for in high-energy dance moves and glitter cannons and for the songs that she did sing live she nailed with upmost professionalism and grace. One thing she said toward the beginning of the show really got to me- "I want you to promise me that you will always be who you are- unconditionally and unapologetically." This was something Ke$ha had been doing her whole life from the untraditional borderline rap songs about "dinosaurs" to the trash bag dresses; And this is when I realized - this was not the only thing she has taught me throughout my years of being an embarrassingly obsessed  super-fan, I have collected many other Ke$ha-based wisdom tidbits that got me to where I am today.

1. "Glitter Will Instantly Make Anyone More Attractive." - Not only will you not have to do your make-up, but sprinkling a pound of glitter all over you will make you look like you just want to have a good time- and that's the sexiest quality anyone can have. Happiness attracts people and glitter attracts happiness.

2. Loving Animals is Cool. - Ke$ha has never been a stranger to including animal prints and even wolf ears into her everyday fashion. However, her love for animals doesn't stop there: being surrounded by kitties and constantly fighting for animal rights in her spare time.

3. Do What Makes You Happy, Not What Makes You Rich. - In the days where Ke$ha lived out of her car and couldn't afford a taco many people would have given up on their musical dreams- but Ke$ha didn't. God Bless. While things may feel rock bottom and wrong they always go up. Now she can live out of a gold Trans Am and afford an entire taco bell menu.

4.  It's Okay To Not Be Over Your Ex. - One of my favorite episodes of "My Crazy Beautiful Life" was when Ke$ha drives past her ex-boyfriend's house. While it's crazy and wrong and ridiculous let's be real here in saying: we've all done it. It's okay to be sensitive about it (ex. The Harold Song) then finally turn it around when you're ready and send a big "F You" to the one that broke your heart (ex. Thinking of You.)

5. Your Spirituality Should Be Explored- Whether it's through a trip to a Galapagos where she got to hang out with turtles or having a quick relationship with a ghost for a minute- Ke$ha has always stayed in tune with what she believes in and herself. One of my favorite songs, Past Lives, was written while she was touring the world and was told that she was once an African queen a long, long time ago.

6. Girls Can Drink Beer Too - In a world where top shelf liquor and wines are considered "classy," Ke$ha constantly reminds her fans of the simplest pleasure: Beer. During her show she even cracked open two on stage and took sips from the bottle while her fans cheered. In fact, if it wasn't for this "Ke$ha likes beer so I do too" mentality, I probably would not have made it through my freshman year of college. So shout out to Ke$ha for that.

7. Be Real. - Ke$ha has never been someone she's not. She's always been the crazy, outspoken, free person that she is today. That do-what-I-wanna-do attitude is part of what makes her so awesome and makes me the big fan I am. If you want to go to a party covered in glitter, do it. If you want to hook up with a guy and not have to talk to him after, do it. If you want to wear combat boots on a red carpet, do it. Everything and anything you do should be because that's who you are and that's what you want to do. She was never shy about what she likes- glitter, beer and beards. She was never afraid to do something just a little different- glitter cannons and unicorn dancers. She was never

8. Being Sassy Doesn't Mean Being A Bitch - Ke$ha has always been known for being a little sharp tongued and well, sassy. But she has never spoken poorly about another celebrity. And she has never been rude to an interviewer or paparazzi. If anything, Ke$ha works to promote love. Love for body image, love for sexual orientation, love for all creatures and overall love for being who you are.

These are notes I think everyone can take from Ke$ha.

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