Tom Haverford Is My Spirit Animal

I realize that I have neglected this blog for quite some time this summer, but I have a good excuse- I am now proudly on season three of Parks and Recreation.

It's hard to find a television series (via Netflix) that just clicks. I tried New Girl and found myself feeling uncomfortably quirky and in some weird need of using deer antlers as some form of jewelry holder, and let's be honest that wasn't gonna fly. I then tried my hand at some Damages, but quickly found myself overwhelmed, confused and asleep. Lastly, I got into Breaking Bad for a season and while I thoroughly enjoyed the show I found myself researching chemical reactions, the psychology of meth-heads, and how to access old Malcolm in the Middle episodes, which to be honest, brings flashbacks of my 11-year-old crush on Frankie Muniz and I just can't live with that.

So, here I am now 24 episodes deep in Parks and Recreation and finding myself channeling April during my workdays, Tom while I'm socializing, and even the occasional Ron Swanson in certain situations.

So if you ask me how my summer was... there's your answer. Sorry but I'm not.

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