Paris Is Always A Good Idea

Maybe it's the thought of springtime, maybe it's the romance of Valentine's day approximately 18 days or maybe it's the French 201 class that I am finally getting out of the way in order to complete my journalism degree. I'm not sure. But lately I'm obsessed with Paris and I'm obsessed with chic.

What is 'chic' though? defines it as "elegantly and stylishly fashionable." defines it as "classy, glamorous, without being flashy." However, I define it as everything and anything that reminds me of Paris.

However, Paris is well over 1,000 miles away and more importantly more than $1,000 dollars for an airplane ticket (economy class) so it's the little things that count in order to keep me alive. Okay maybe I'm being dramatic. But am I?

If you're in the same situation as me and in desperate, major need of a little chic-ness in your life here's the top 10 things that will make you feel faux-Parisian in no time:

1. Eat Your Macaroons. This is the most important because these are the chic-est cookie to ever exist. Blair Waldorf eats them for breakfast that's how chic they are. Unfortunately, these little beauties are a headache to make, making them hard to find and a little pricey if you are lucky enough to find them. Your best bet for the best macaroon is New York City. My personal favorite was La Maison du Macaron located in Chelsea, but Laduree is located on the Upper East Side which of course just adds an extra touch of chic. Not in NYC? Many places let your order macaroons, but be prepared to spend a pretty penny as they often need next day delivery because they must be refrigerated.

Personal note: my favorite macaroon flavors are pink champagne, coffee/mocha, pistachio, rose and vanilla.

2. Read Your Vogue. Nothing, and I repeat, nothing will make you feel more chic than reading an issue of Vogue. The best part about it is you don't even have to read it. It's mostly just a lot of pictures. Make your Vogue experience extra chic with a latte and read it in a cafe. Or your local Barnes & Noble works too.

3.  Take Your iPhone Pictures in B&W. Black and White is the ultimate chic. If you're decorating your new apartment or house black and white pictures will add a very romantic and polished touch. Chic. Not decorating your house? Try just taking some of your weekend bar photos in black and white. It's chic and everyone always seems to look good in it. Which is super chic.

4. Look At Your Designer Clothes. You don't actually have to own or wear any because let's all be real and acknowledge that we are not Sofia Vergara and the places we are going are not the Grammy's. However, getting some inspiration from designers can add an extra chic touch to an every day outfit. Hints: Sparkles are chic in moderation; silk blouses will always win; heels are super chic, but overrated' red lipstick is hands-down classy; pearls are essential; floral patterns are darling. No one ever gets pissed at a floral pattern. On Anything. Ever. Also, dressing chic makes you feel chic which is chic all around. Yay!

5. Eat Pretty Food. Eating foods that you are "proud to take a picture of" makes you feel good. This usually includes presentation on the plate or even just something kind of healthy you home-made and are proud of (aka not a frozen pizza even though those things rock.) White plates are usually the chic-est, smaller plates of foods look more chic than big ones... even if you go back for seconds, starting small will also prevent you from over-eating and putting yourself into a "food coma" which is fun but not-so-chic.

** Bonus chic points if you eat extra chic foods which include, but are not limited to: parfaits, extra cool looking salads, sushi, paninis, anything with a cup of coffee next to it, croissants, artisan pizzas, ice cream cones, or any kind of brunch food. ... But french fries work too.

6. Spray Your Fav Smell. Smelling nice is chic. Simple as that. I like to opt for light, floral scents or sometimes a simple vanilla. Your favorite scent is probably chic too. However, spraying a lot (meaning so much some one can smell you three seats down on a crowded icky nyc subway) of your scent on can very quickly make you not chic. Three sprays tops. The chicest is one on each wrist and rub a little on your neck.

7. Romance, Romance, Romance. Paris is the city of romance. And romance is chic. I'm not talking "I went to the bar he bought me a drink and we had the best sex everrrrr" romance. I'm talking red roses, dates to candlelit restaurants, long walks under the moonlight romance. Can't find that in your town? It's okay me either. These romances are best found in tv shows, movies and books and often are best in moderation. The point is, don't be afraid to fall in love. And the further point is, don't be afraid to wait for romance. Don't settle for a guy texting you a "good morning" as romance. Don't accept a quick trip to McDonald's as romance and most certainly don't accept a past 2 a.m. phone call as romance.

8. Flowers Are Essential. Flowers are beautiful every season year round. Therefore, they are chic all year round. Someone once told me "I buy flowers every week just because they make my house look nice and they make me feel good." I said, "Amen." Having flowers around can up your mood and are just plain chic. I prefer pink peonies and pink roses, but any flowers will do. Beauty is chic. Nature is chic. Flowers are cool.

9. Petite Chic. Surround yourself with little nice, chic things. Things that make you feel good, things that make you feel glamorous. They make you feel like you have a little extra confidence because you're so god damn classy and polished. Even if it's just one or two things. For me, my "chic" things are my Kate Spade black and white polkadot phone case, my pink silk pillowcase, and my new MAC lipstick in "Syrup."

10. Pardon My French.  Lastly, French words are chic. Don't be afraid to use them in everyday conversation. They sound sexy, sophisticated and smart because let's be honest, who actually knows a second language these days. Even better, learn French! The Duolingo app for iPhone is free and teaches you vocabulary, pronunciation and complete sentences through little lessons/levels. It's fun and chic. Love it.

btw I don't mean French words as in curse words, because curse words aren't chic.

Stay sexy. Stay chic. Eat some macaroons.



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