10 Lush Products I Want, No, I Need

With the idea of a vacation-less spring break in the air and the stress of midterms this week, I could use some major pampering. So what better than to virtually shop for some high-end beauty/skin products right? Recently, I'm obsessed with the LUSH brand. Not that I've ever owned their products, but I know a few people who are obsessed, which makes me obsessed. After scouring their website for an hour I decided to make a "wish list" of my favorite finds.

p.s. my birthday is coming up so...

1. Mask of Magnaminty Facial Cleanser - I need this because I'm obsessed with the smell of peppermint, along with the idea of this getting dirt out of every pore possible. The tingly-clean sensation mentioned in the description is something I need to feel.

2. The Golden Egg Bath Bomb - This bath bomb melt gives off a honey-toffee fragrance while simultaneously releasing cocoa butter into your bath. Plus, you can literally say you bathed in gold so that's pretty awesome too.

3. Volcano Foot Mask - Ever since I got a fish pedicure in Iceland, I'm obsessed with soft feet. Unfortunately, they are not so easy to get. This foot mask has a bunch of natural ingredients, such as tomatoes and potatoes, along with essential anti-fungal oils that will rub off any dead skin while drawing out any icky dirt. chic.

4. Wiccy Magic Muscles Massage Bar - Aching muscles after a long day has just become the norm for me, but hopefully this will help massage the soreness out of me. The peppermint and cinnamon spice oils are said to create a warm sensation, which sounds like it feel pretty good around that time of the month.

5. The Hair Doctor Deep Cleansing Treatment - Coconut oil and almond oil to soften hair, peppermint oil for a tingly sensation that removes build up and a beautiful shiny, flawless mane? Need. Need. Need. Like now.

6. Mint Julips Lip Scrub - My lips are notorious for getting chapped. All year round, any day, any time. Sugar scrubs help remove a lot of the dead, unwanted chapped skin and the fact that this one is minty with a tingly sensation just makes me want it so much more.

7. Turkish Delight Shower Smoothie - Okay, I don't know what a shower smoothie is. But I want it. And it's rose-scented which is pretty chic.

8. Sea Vegetable Soap - The picture of this soap looks completely disgusting, but I can never pass up anything that makes me feel like a mermaid. Seaweed, lavender and lime are combined in this bar, which is said to be relaxing...

9.  Oatflix Face Mask - Smells like bananas so I'm in.

10. Aqua Marina Cleanser - Again with the mermaid thing, but a little different this time. As someone with very sensitive skin, it's hard to find a lotion that does not irritate it. Aloe vera gel and sea salt are used in this all-over cleanser which sounds just perfect for after the beach in the summertime.

... Wish I had money.

xoxo Alaina

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