Oh Happy Day

I truly believe that the happiest of days are when you do things completely and unapologetically for you. For example, I woke up and made myself a bomb breakfast- just because I wanted to. I saw a recipe for a blueberry/cream cheese quesadilla and I just had to try it. So I did. And it absolutely sucked. But I did it. And it felt great doing something that I wanted to do. It was great fulfilling a goal, even if it was just a small one. 

So I kept with it. I was like, "What do you want to do right now?"I wanted to go buy some shoes. And I found what may be the best shoes of my shopping career. Darling Cynthia Rowley mint blue flats, I couldn't be more in love with- for only $30 dollars. (I also picked up a great plate set for only $17 and some sweet new washcloths) Shout out to TJ Maxx. And after that I went and got one of my favorite snacks- caprese salad- and called it lunch. Namaste. 

Then I was like, hey, the gym's open! (p.s. I never, ever, ever go to the gym) So I went to they gym and put my new favorite song - Replay by Zendaya - literally on replay and worked out for one. whole. hour. (This is a lot for me who does 20 crunches and calls it a day.) And it was actually fun. And I actually liked it. p.s. I don't sweat, I glisten. 

Finally I finished my day with my absolute favorite meal in the world- The Maki Roll Dinner Special from Kim Moon with an Alaska Roll a California Roll Miso Soup and an Eggroll- and watched a movie I've been waiting to see for, like, ever with my favorite man in the world Leonardo DiCaprio.
p.s. Wolf of Wallstreet is scary. But I was into it. p.s.s. Leo where's your Oscar at omigod. 

And alas, here I am now watching Project X for the third time in 24 hours and feeling so, so, so good about it. p.s. Omigod I love you, Miles Teller. 

So bottom line here is: listening to your heart is chic. 
Taking time for yourself to fulfill goals, no matter how small they are, is so, so, so freaking chic.

stay happy, stay chic. Namaste. 

p.s. Are you looking for some more chic? Check out my Instagram: alainalynnn 

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