Salt Spa

Excuse my recent obsession with LUSH handmade cosmetics, but I just have to give a quick shout out to my new favorite facial cleanser/exfoliator/moisturizer.. that's right, it's all in one.

 (P.S. The best part about LUSH products is that they are made of all-natural ingredients, and even include stickers that tell you what date they were made on, as well as who made them.)

(But P.S. sadface- these products are super expensive, but are worth the splurge)

Now to the good part: The 'Ocean Salt' face and body scrub.

This scrub is a cocktail- literally- of lime extracted from vodka, fine sea salt, fresh grapefruit and fresh avocado butter to exfoliate away dead skin and dirt and hydrate skin to leave it soft. And oh my god, does it leave it soft. Plus, the aqua marine pool water color of this scrub, plus it's fresh salty smell will remind you of the ocean.

For me, I scrubbed the mixture on for a minute and left it on for about three minutes. It got a little tingly, but it was not uncomfortable. When I washed it off with cold water as directed, I was very surprised with the results. I personally, have sensitive skin and sometimes I am not able to use many products, but I did not have any trouble with this one. I would definitely recommend this product to any of my friends as well.

Tip: If you buy this product at a LUSH store, ask them to stir your ocean salt. This gives you a ready-to-use mask instead of a bunch of salt layered on top of the actual product.

salt scrub-  so chic.
xoxo Alaina

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