Intern Fashion: Week 1

When I first started my internship, I had nothing to wear. A "professional" wardrobe and a "professional" look was never something I gave much thought to- (aka, I'd rather buy an insane amount of free people and glitter)- so I was in a bit of a hypothetical pickle… (p.s. i hate pickles.) 

So when it came time to shop, I was lost. Was New York & Company my only option? This Forever 21 purse looks kind of like leather so that's probably professional right? Was I only supposed to wear black? 

Turns out the rules were pretty simple:  skirts should be knee length, tops should cover your shoulders, accessories shouldn't look cheap, and if you would wear it to a bar in college, you probably shouldn't wear it to work. 

Luckily, being a PR intern gives you a little more room to play with colors, patterns and styles, but these looks will surely work for any intern (or professional- yay you!)  who's looking to add a little bit of style into their daily routine. 


Stay Chic.

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