Kylie Freaking Jenner

Okay, fine, I admit it. I'm just a little (a lot) obsessed with Kylie Jenner. But let's all be real,  is  it just me or did she come out of nowhere as the coolest Kardashian   Jenner, like, ever.

First things first, I love that this girl gives no fuxx. I love that she went through an awkward phase and wasn't magically born with 8 inch eye lashes and perfect raven hair. I love that she literally owns the perfect shade of lipstick. Plus she totally boned Will Smith (aka the Fresh Prince of Bel Air)'s son, makes wicked cool slow motion videos of her doing absolutely nothing (but with really cool music), and she basically respects Kris Jenner just about as much as the rest of us do.

To be honest, I knew I loved her since she threw that photo album at Kris Jenner's head in KUWTK many years ago.

Loved her when she dyed her hair blue with NO RAGRETS. 

Loved her when she showed up to Coachella being really chic and artsy.

Loved her when she picked out some crystals with Jaden, and gave them a cool new rep (thanks Spencer Pratt for ruining crystals for everyone circa 2010. so rude.) 

Loved her when she posted really chic instagram photos with mysterious/ambiguous song lyrics about emotions. 


Loved her when she brought back the Miley bun. (we missed you, Miley bun.) 

Love whatever is going on with those lips, (we all know what went on with those lips), but they are literally the most perfect lips EVER. 

Loved when she posed with this juice cap. 

Loved her when she took a ratchet selfie in black lipstick. (I mean, come on, black. lipstick.) 

Loved her when she carried this bubble tea. 


Loved when she was at IHOP. 

To be real, there's no way to really end this post but to put like, a million pictures of Kylie so...



Chic all over. Bye. 

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