Feeling twenty-twooo-oo-Ew.

I'm not proud of this, but an episode of Teen Mom 2 just gave me a huge life epiphany. But first, let me back track for a second. The post-grad, early twenties situation that I've been warned about (and warned about, and warned about) was suddenly a reality. And it hit me hard.

To sum things up- I found myself saying goodbye to summer with no job, no boyfriend, no kitten and no friends within a 50 mile radius. Which was a complete 180 turn from everything I had known for the past few years. I was like, I've seen this shit happen in movies… but it was never supposed to happen to me. So I did what any 22-year-old with no crucial life commitments would do. I ran away.  I escaped. I ran to Philadelphia. Then to Florida. Then back to Philadelphia. Then to Brooklyn. Then back to Philadelphia. And back to Philadelphia again. I reconnected with friends from all over- from high school, from college, from elementary school. I spent time with my mom, eating everything from sushi to escargot. I got super ambitious about a video game hobby and bought a 3DS. I developed a crush on Ansel Elgort, which even I admit, was long overdue. I tried a lot of different wines. I ventured into bars with sand on the floor, but in NYC (ironic, but I was into it.) I met a boy. He was great. Handsome. Hilarious. Awesome. I got a "big girl" job at one of my favorite clothing companies. And just as things began to look up- the post-grad-early-twenties situation came down hard again. And then I had to return to reality, and face the cold hard facts: Timing is everything, and your early 20's isn't really the time to settle, for anything.

So, back to Teen Mom 2. As I was scrolling through Twitter with my left hand and shoving unhealthy portions of shrimp lo mien into my mouth with my right hand, I heard this:

 "This is life. You gotta learn your lessons, then you go." 

And I'm not sure why, but it made something click. It made me realize that nothing right now is permanent. Nothing is worth over thinking, and stressing, and trying to change. Because that isn't what your early 20's are for. They're for the mistakes, the memories and the moments of life clarity (even if they are few and far between.) So in this overwhelmingly optimistic spirit of being 22, (and happy, free, confused and lonely at the same time) here's a collection of tumblr quotes that I just wanna put on teeshirts, paste on my walls and tattoo on my body. (by the way, I'm totally kidding, but they have been giving me some peace during this miserable and magical (oooo yeah *t swift voice*) time.)

okay that's enough bye.

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