Big City Vibes

Lately my fashion choices have been just like my mind:  scattered. Upon trying to assemble an outfit for a night out- I realized that just about every city has a different 'vibe' when it comes to nighttime ensembles. Try too hard and you'll stick out, not trying hard enough could end in buying allll the drinks for yourself. And who does that, am I right? 


My old college town (Indiana, PA) was a pretty much anything goes type of place. During the day it was all leggings and sweatshirts, but at night it became all crop tops, mini skirts and beer bongs. The cool thing about it was everyone was extremely accepting, and if you wore yoga pants to the club no one really gave a shit. My friends and I were absolutely obsessed with a dive bar where jeans and crop top was the perfect go to- but dresses were welcome too (if you were celebrating a special occasion or just got dumped). 

New York City is a tough cookie to crack. In Manhattan anything goes, but if you wanna make an impression (and let's be real, you do) you gotta look like money. Leather skirts and crop tops are my dream combination, but not exactly accepted everywhere. If you're looking to try an extreme look, New York would probably be the place to do it. 

Pittsburgh is one laid back, beer-drinking city. Most times I like to stay low key, unless I'm going to Southside or Oakland. I like to be prepared for pretty much anything in Pittsburgh, because the neighborhoods are so diverse. Regardless of where you're at though, a beer is probably your best accessory. 

Brooklyn is a hipster-ass place. Since it's still New York weird things are cool and extreme fashions are accepted. I like to go for a more bohemian vibe in Brooklyn/Williamsburg because  it's a tad more humble then Manhattan. I like to get a little Gossip Girl meets Coachella vibe here and mix super-classy with down-to-earth pieces. 

Philadelphia is everything. So you have to dress for everything. Fishtown will get you and indie/hipster vibe. Center City you want to look a little classy. Either way you wanna look hot. I try to stick with leggings when I go to Philly, because they're pretty versatile and not too much. A trendy piece like leopard flats are an awesome touch to any outfit and makes it look super-chic. 

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