Do You Know What Rhymes With Diet? Stupid.

This diet might actually be the death of me. I don't mean like, I'll starve to death or anything because I'm definitely exceeding my 1200 daily calorie limit well, on the daily. But I might die from the fact that every thing I have grown to know and love so dearly is a lie. As in, did you know a Chipotle burrito is somewhere between 600-800 calories. And this was my "healthy" meal. (It had lots of veggies and organic meat and stuff so, you know, I rationalized.) Or that a white chocolate mocha from Starbucks is 500-600 calories. I might as well just quit now while I'm ahead. Honey Boo Boo seems to be doing okay for herself...

List of foods that would be better than this diet:

1. Chipotle. 
2. chicken tenders and french fries.
3. a cupcake.
4. chocolate ice cream
5. mint chocolate chip ice cream
6. a gummy bear
7. a turkey cheddar melt sandwich
8. ranch dipped hot wing Doritos
9.  a tree
10. Anything with a lot of cheese.
11. cocoa puffs.
12. macaroni and cheese 

I need to stop now, I'm getting emotional. Bye. 

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