Kanye Ruins Everything.

I know this is an overrated topic, and at the risk of letting this section of my blog become an extended version of US Weekly I want to talk about Kimye.

At first I was really psyched for this couple. I thought they were a good match. Kanye is almost as much as sinful as Kim and as self-obsessed as Kim and as much of a "business person" as Kim. All in all,  it just. made. sense.

 But then I watched Kim explode to the size of a Hollywood mansion and try desperately to save her good looks while doing it and I realized Kanye. wasn't. there.

And then I read about Kim eating desserts and desserts and carbs on carbs and I realized, Kanye. wasn't there.

And then Kim was taking flights to Paris to see Kanye... while she was in her third trimester. Which is,  I've learned from multiple medical shows, something you're not supposed to do. He's got access to a private plane too... whatchu doin?

And then Kim is 9 months pregnant and Kanye. isn't. there.

So basically, Kim has lost her body, her overall career, what was left of her dignity, her freedom and now her vagina to this man who is primarily famous for ruining Taylor Swift's acceptance speech in 2009.

While I'm not Kim's biggest fan, I am sad for her situation. It's not easy to be in a downward spiral of a relationship with a man who was once a South Park character. And it's even more tragic that she will be having a child that may have some of the same traits of this man. And that said child will grow up and be on the loose.

All we can hope is that new baby Kimye does not become a Taylor Swift fan...

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