Fantastic Food: Sambazon

Let me present to you my newest love affair: Sambazon acai drinks. Not only are these drinks delicious, but they're organic, good for your body and have a really awesome back story.

Here's the deal: A group of southern California surfers take a surf trip to Brazil in 1999 and discover the superfood acai. From then on they made it their mission to share this healthy superfood with the world in an easy and eco-friendly way. Obsessed? Me too.

Organic, non-GMO and supportive of world fair trade it's hard not be head over heels in love with this tasty treat. My personal favorite to this day is the pomegranate/blueberry mix (full of antioxidants), but my goal is to try every one of them very, very soon.

Check them out at and in your local grocery store.

P.S. If you live in California visit one of their shops where you can make a super healthy acai bowl (and make me eternally jealous.)

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