Chic Snacks

Snacking: the chic girl's demon. Not because being chic means you have to be skinny, but because many "snack foods" aren't necessary foods that are good for you. Foods that are good for you, your body and your mind = chic.

Being bit by the snack bug quite frequently myself, here's some of my favorite alternatives to beat the bad foods.

If you're feeling pizza:

- try a caprese salad. This fresh mozzarella-tomato-basil combo will give you a "fresh" pizza feel without the carbs (and the grease.) Plus, this combo is full of calcium and vitamins and nixes all the processed stuff. 

- try Laughing Cow tomato-basil spreadable cheese on wheat thins! Cheese and crackers is way, way chic. Plus, the Laughing Cow cheeses come in small wedges which is the perfection portion so you won't overeat too many crackers.

If you're feeling salty:

- try edamame! This is one of my favorite snack foods of all time. I prefer shelled, but you can buy these little soybeans unshelled as well. Warm up in the microwave for about 30-45 seconds and sprinkle some sea salt on them. Low-cal and chic.

- if you just must, must, must have some chips try Pringles as opposed to the bagged competitors. It's less salt, less grease and less air. 15 chips will still cost you about 150 calories, but your fingers won't be as shiny in the end and your stomach will feel a little less slimy.
* Pretzels are another great alternative when craving chips, but sometimes it's just not the same.

If you're feeling sweet: 

- apples and caramel dip. This is one of my favorites. Cut up one apple into slices and warm up some caramel. I like getting the small caramel cups so I don't eat too much of it.  Plus, only cutting up one apple can regulate how much you're actually eating. Perf.

- fruit leather. Think of this as an adult fruit roll-up with less sugar and less preservatives. It doesn't sound so appealing when I put it like that, but I swear these babies are just like candy. 

Snacks you shouldn't feel so bad about:

- chips and salsa/chips and guac. These combos are perfect in moderation. Plus the superfood avocados in guac contain an ingredient that help release serotonin which has been proven to make you happier. Ways to make these classic combos even better are by choosing a pico de gallo salsa which is basically chopped up fresh ingredients as opposed to the questionable ingredients in shelf salsa. The pico de gallo combination can usually be found in your produce section or you can make your own here. Another way to lighten up this combo is to use whole grain gluten free tortilla chips or wasa bread. 

- any fruits and vegetables. Never, ever feel bad about these, but the fresher the better. Farmers markets are ideal, but your produce section of your local supermarket will do too. Try to avoid canned or frozen food if possible. The less preservatives, the better. 

- sweet potato fries! These another good in moderation snack food, but the perfect alternative to that fast food and french fries craving. You can typically just get them in the freezer section of your supermarket, but try this healthy and grease-free recipe here. 

Special note:
If you're really struggling on keeping your snacking down, try a weight loss tea. Let me explain. This isn't about being skinny or losing weight. It's about avoiding that tummy ache. Teas like "Tiny Tea" Tetox from Your Tea and "get lost" from the Republic of Tea have ingredients that help you feel a little more full faster and cuts down that "time for a snack!" feeling every time you get a even a little bit hungry.

Here's to happier health!!



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