I consider myself a pretty adventurous eater. A newly huge fan of the spiciness of Indian food and the crazy amount of vegetables used in Vietnamese food, I was psyched to try this new Thai place my friends have been raving about. I'd had Wegmans spicy thai noodles a hundred times before, so I was gonna be fine, right? Wrong. Thai food is kind of like more upscale and flavorful Chinese food right? Wrong.

This isn't to say that I wasn't absolutely in love- because I was. But I would never suggest thai food for a first date because it makes your forehead sweat, your nose run and your eyes tear up... even if you get a spiciness level of a 2.

All spiciness aside, I was obsessed with how colorful everything was. All of the dishes were presented so beautifully I could not help but embarrassingly snap pictures of almost every plate on the table. Sorry for that, friends. So instead of telling you about this sassy, chic and spicy experience: Imma just show you.

Two of my friends are bold. Actually, this might even make me categorize them under "the bravest people I know." They ordered a 10 spiciness level on their pumpkin curry, and damn was it frighteningly beautiful. Kind of like ravenous tiger, you want to pet it, but you would never dare getting too close.

Ahh pad thai, chic and classy. When my friend offered me a bite of her colorful plate I hesitated. Not a fan of peanut butter, and very familiar with the "Make Pad Thai with Peanut Butter and Some Water!" Pinterest tutorials, I wasn't sure I would be a fan. But it was delicious and definitely got me over my fear of this well-known delicious dish.

Finally, for my entree plate I ordered a Thai noodle soup to warm me up. Hoping it would be much like the soup I once dined on in Iceland, with bean sprouts, chicken, peanuts and a variety of other spices and vegetables I was pleasantly surprised with how similar it was. Though I could have used a little less spice this is definitely a dish I would order again in a second.

I just couldn't leave without some dessert. I was so full, but the thought of fried bananas and ice cream just seemed too good to pass up. Once I was given my dish I was so excited with the display and even more in love with the flavor. I think the picture says it all, but this is hands down my new favorite dessert.

Note: One of my friends got a mango-rice dessert dish that is very common in that Thai culture. She let me have a little bite and it was definitely a top 10 favorite desserts dish. Get both desserts if you're really feelings in the mood for something sweet, you won't regret it.

Oh, and lastly, don't go through life without trying a thai iced tea. You're welcome. Namaste. Bye.

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