To Make You Feel My Love

There are a lot of celebrity couples in the world and there are a lot of celebrity couples that I look up to when looking for guidance in my own relationships.

 Jay-Z and Beyonce, obviously. Aaron Paul and his wife could make me melt. Brad and Angelina, okay I see you.

But those couples never made me appreciate love the way Lea Michele and Cory Monteith have.

Lea stuck by Cory even though he wasn't "perfect." He wasn't perfect, but he was trying. She didn't abandon him because he was an addict, she tried to help him. She kept her relationship modest and private, without being secretive and cold.

What they had was genuine, and it came across on-screen and off. And more importantly, it's still there even after the tragic incident of Cory's death.

With the rest of America, I bawled at Lea's cover of "To Make You Feel My Love" on the tribute episode of Glee. But, Lea's new song "If You Say So" touched me in a different way.

It touched me in a way that hadn't enlightened me before. It made me look, reflect and analyze my own life and appreciate what I have while it's here.

Life is fragile. Love is more fragile. It's so important to cherish every second while it's here.

If you haven't heard it yet, here's a link:

Click it. Cry. It's okay, crying to sad music is chic.

That being said, Lea Michele is one strong girl. And being strong is chic. I think it's great that she's never played the victim, never overplayed her loss and most importantly, isn't afraid to talk about what happened. She talks about it with warmth and grace, and sings about it with even more care and heart than even your favorite sad love song.

Cheers to you, Lea Michele. You're one chic chick.

xoxo r.i.p.

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