Cheers to You, Boo Thang

Okay, I know it's a little late for Valentine's Day. I know you're probably rolling your eyes and saying, "Ugh I've seen enough flowers and chocolates and couples pictures to last me for a year."

But this is different, I promise.

I was in a bit of a bind this year for Valentine's Day. My boyfriend and I had just returned from a trip to Disney World and just celebrated our one year anniversary ten days before. So we were both a little short on money. We agreed to a low key Valentine's Day, but I couldn't let the holiday pass without making it at least a little special.

So, if you ever end up in a bind like me: buy a six pack.

The reason I'm posting this even though Valentine's Day has come and gone is that this gift works for anything. Has your boo been super supportive recently and you just want to say thanks? Is it your 16 month anniversary? Do you just want to do something nice? Then this is a gift for you. It's cheap, quick and easy and six pack is so chill he'll think you're one awesome chick.

All it takes is a six pack of Blue Moon, some paper and a printer. I chose to hand write the outside of my box, but if you're good at computers you can print them too. I chose and printed six different pictures from different points in our relationship- one from the first weekend we were together, one from our first date to the Pittsburgh Zoo, one from my 21st birthday, one from Christmas time, one from Disney World and one when we were just on the couch enjoying each other's company.

My boyfriend loved this. He still has the entire six pack in his room to this day, calling them "collectibles."

Cheers to you and your boo.


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