Intern Fashion: Week 2

The more time I spend at my internship, the more I pick up on different fashions. Like I said in my first intern fashion collection (here) I get to have a little bit of fun with how I dress being in PR. If you couldn't tell already, I'm absolutely in love with polka dots this season- but if you're not into polka dots, stripes work well too as an alternative! 

If you're looking for some even more way to update your professional wardrobe, check out the collections below: 

(p.s. I don't own a Chanel purse.. and I probably never will, but a girl can dream, am i right?)
(also, please don't pay 18 dollars for butter nail polish-  you're on an intern budget and the kind from the supermarket works just as well… but if you're a profesh. with a real salary, GO FOR IT GIRL. ( p.s. what are those like??)) 

Intern Week 2

Got a fav intern outfit you'd like to share?? Comment below with a link! I'd love to see! 

Stay chic.

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